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“Wine with Mike” is a monthly, semi-private virtual meeting. Medical professionals and personal injury experts join Michael for an hour-long discussion on important topics critical to Doing Business Better in PI

Using Zoom, Michael leads each meeting with an expert guest(s) discussing important PI and business topics for 30-45 minutes. Followed by Q&A and open discussion. All attendees are welcome to participate with video and microphones but it is not required.

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How Medical Providers Can Hurt and Help Patient PI Lawsuits

 Tuesday, July 14, 2020 @ 7:00 pm PST

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Join Michael and one of the very best chiro-teachers in health care management specifically in the personal injury area, as we discuss how providers are hurting and helping the claims and lawsuits of their own patients. Do this area right, you get the good attorneys wanting to use you more.  You do this area wrong, and you can sabotage both the patient’s financial recovery and your ability to grow the PI segment of your practice.  With the COVID-related economic recession or depression that may be with us for many years, you have an opportunity to help your practice thrive. We discuss this important area over a little wine and a lot of fun conversation.

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  • (July) How Medical Providers Hurt and Help Patient PI Lawsuits
  • (August) Embezzlement & Optimal Owner Exit Positioning – Medical Practice
  • (September) Be a Star Player in MLBiz (Medi-Legal Business)

Nothing said in this webinar or the slides you are seeing should be construed as legal or fiscal advice.  Consult instead with your legal counsel and CPA, or other personal and business advisors.