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I enjoyed it very much and I came away with a lot of good information.  Thank you very much for doing this. Looking forward to the next meeting. – Jose

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“Wine with Mike” is a monthly, semi-private virtual meeting. Medical professionals and personal injury experts join Michael for an hour-long discussion on important topics critical to Doing Business Better in PI

Using Zoom, Michael leads each meeting with an expert guest(s) discussing important PI and business topics for 30-45 minutes. Followed by Q&A and open discussion. All attendees are welcome to participate with video and microphones but it is not required.

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Data Security: What you don’t know CAN hurt your Medical Practice

 Tuesday, February 23, 2021 @ 7:00 pm PST

The meeting will start in:

  • Do you really want to pay a king’s ransom to get your electronic records back?
  • When does “deleted” really mean deleted? And what might it be hiding?
  • Do you know why the dark web loves medical offices the most?

Kevin Cohen, computer forensics and data protection expert and president of Data Triage Technologies, and Dr. Mark Brown, DC and an Air Force electronic warfare veteran, join Michael for a deep dive into the secrets of data security and information risk management.

Join these experts as they focus on smart IT risk management strategies, like access controls, encryption, audit trails and other best practices, that can defend against hacking, ransomware, phishing and embezzlement. Learn how to protect your patients, your staff and your business.
Did you know? Last year was the third-worst year for breached health records, with 29 million records exposed or improperly disclosed, according to the HIPAA Journal.

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  • (September) Be a Star Player in MLBiz (Medi-Legal Business)

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