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The MLRPortal is a comprehensive learning and resource center to help Providers Do Business Better and improve their bottom line. The MLRPortal is available at no cost for medical Providers and their staff.

MLR's Complimentary Personal Injury Lien Management Online Course
MLR’s Complimentary Personal Injury Lien Management Online Course

Sign up today and take MLR’s complimentary learning course “Tips and Tools for Providers who Accept Personal Injury (PI) on Lien.” This 30 minutes course provides an overview of how providers who accept patients on lien can do business better.

Along with the course, you will have access to our resource library including three complimentary resources:

  • Lien agreement templates,
  • Attorney & PI Patient Matter Audits Spreadsheets, and
  • A short-list of the “Fouls” done by Attorneys that puts less money into your pocket and more money in theirs.

When complete, you will have a new perspective on the Patient, Provider, Attorney, and Insurance Company relationship. You will learn how the PI lien business should work and what you can do to minimize your risk of having your fees reduced by Attorneys or never seeing payments for your services.

Beginning in 2020, MLR will be adding content, resources available in new membership levels. Sign up today to get access to the complimentary course and resources and be the first to learn when the new MLRPortal learning content is available.