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When you click on a link in an email, or external to the portal, that goes to any protected content, such as resources, and you are not already logged into the portal, you will be redirected to the login page. After you log in, you can select the email link, etc and it will work as intended.

To access our two page lien agreement, use the top menu. Under Members Only There is a link “2 page lien agreement” which will take you to the agreement page.

If you are looking for all our agreements, click  on the Resource Library link under the Members Only menu to go to the Resource page where all our available resource are listed.

While on the Resources page, select Agreements from the Filter at the top left of the resource list. This will filter the list to show only the agreements. Click on the title of the agreement you want to view to go to the agreement page.

Once on the agreement page. Look for the black download button below the description and just above the document on the right. 

Click on the download button and the agreement should download to your computer. If you do not see the download button, please contact support.

The MLRPortal is a membership Learning and Resource center for Providers and staff who currently or plan to accept personal injury patients on lien.

The MLRPortal is free to access. Additional learning content and resources are available to members who upgrade to a paid account. Paid accounts are not available at this time.

The MLRPortal is only available for Providers and their staff.

No, has information that is relevant to Providers in all states who accept patients on lien.

MLROutsource serves to educates Providers and staff and negotiates on behalf of Providers. Click here to learn more about MLROutsource. Contact MLR if you would like to discuss MLROutsource services. 

MLRPortal utilizes technology that only allows a user to be logged in from one computer at a time. If you or someone else uses your credentials to log in from another computer, your current session will be logged out and you will have to log in again. Please do not share your login credentials. It is against MLR’s terms and conditions.

Not all of MLR Resources are available for download. If the download button is now shown it means that MLR has chosen to make that document view only. You can log into the portal anytime to view the document. If you would like a copy of the document, you can request it by using the support contact form.

The Log In and Sign Up buttons are only for MLR team members. We are in the process of removing them. 

MLROutsource is a service for Providers who need help negotiating with their PI Attorneys.