Is for you? is for all medical providers and staff who accept, or plan on accepting, patients on lien. 

Providers who have experienced the challenges dealing with Patient Attorneys continually reducing their bills, patients not paying their bills, or fighting for on-time payments will find great value becoming a portal member.  The tips, tools, resources and programming will help improve the bottom line of the PI side of practices. 

MLR has been successfully championing on behalf of providers to get them paid fairly and timely since 2012 and has taken the lessons learned to create this comprehensive one-of-a-kind learning environment. is recommended for but not limited too...

Medical Staff in PI

What our Providers are saying...

Michael Coates hits one out of the park with this PI information! This is precise and detailed information for anyone who works in the personal injury arena. The information is extremely valuable and would take the average doctor an entire career to figure out. (if they figure it out at all!) This will save doctors thousands upon thousands of dollars over their career. Great job Mr. Coates!
Tim Noble DC
Very helpful review of Personal Injury Process This was well worth my time to review my personal injury process and review the important point with myself. I will add the things that I can do better on my next office meeting. Thank you very much! Great content.
Dr. Rob Sheely DC, FICC
Excellent Information We run a pretty tight ship and track diligently yet still some of these attorneys seem to have absolutely no respect for the providers and always expect you to just accept what they toss at you which is generally pennies on the dollar. I will use this information to tighten up even more.
Diana Masuoka DC
WOW! Thank you for this! I'm shocked at what I didn't know about PI cases and I'm expecting 100% or at least close to that in future cases. PI cases are stinking easy and there's NO reason I won't get paid! Thanks to you, I understand that now, so thank you for making this available to us!
Dr. Brittany Bowers

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Online Education teaches you how to stop the missteps and unfair legal maneuvers that are costing you time, money and respect.

The free introductory course and future MLRPortal courses will guide you through the best practices for getting paid fairly and quickly for the valuable services you provide. You’ll learn about the medical-legal-economic aspects of running a profitable personal injury (PI) business, how to bullet-proof your medical lien, and ways to avoid the most serious “fouls” you, your patients and their attorneys, and insurers can make during the lien lifecycle. You’ll gain a competitive advantage in rebuffing lowball payment offers and demanding the transparency you need to better manage your attorney relationships.

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As a member, you have access to MLR’s proprietary forms, checklists, tools, and support materials referenced in our courses, plus all our videos, webinars and MLRMonthly newsletter archives. 

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