Vital Resources for Medical Providers Who Accept Patients on Lien

Please take a few minutes to listen to Michael Coates, President of MLR.

MLRPortal is a member-only, robust learning environment and resource center available, almost exclusively, to medical providers and staff. Within the portal is valuable information including learning content, support materials, forms, checklists and a variety of tools needed to run a more profitable personal injury (PI) segment of your practice.

There is no fee to become an MLRPortal member. Complimentary membership includes: 

  • PI Tips & Tools 30 Minute Online Course
  • The Most Comprehensive PI Medical Lien Agreements
  • “The Ethics of Personal Injury” (covering “Atty Fouls”)
  • Webinars (Including PDF printouts & bonus handouts)
  • Monthly “Wine with Mike” Online Q&A Forums
  • And more!

Coming soon we are rolling out a paid membership service offering everything needed to learn and implement best practices for successful negotiating from the #1 lien negotiations expert in the industry.

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Who is the MLRPortal for?

All medical providers and staff who accept, or plan on accepting, patients on lien will benefit from the MLRPortal.

Providers challenged by Attorneys continually reducing their bills, patients not paying their bills, or fighting for on-time payments will benefit greatly.

The MLRPortal is recommended for but not limited to...

What our Providers are saying...

Michael Coates hits one out of the park with this PI information! This is precise and detailed information for anyone who works in the personal injury arena. The information is extremely valuable and would take the average doctor an entire career to figure out. (if they figure it out at all!) This will save doctors thousands upon thousands of dollars over their career. Great job Mr. Coates!
Tim Noble DC
Very helpful review of Personal Injury Process This was well worth my time to review my personal injury process and review the important point with myself. I will add the things that I can do better on my next office meeting. Thank you very much! Great content.
Dr. Rob Sheely DC, FICC
Excellent Information We run a pretty tight ship and track diligently yet still some of these attorneys seem to have absolutely no respect for the providers and always expect you to just accept what they toss at you which is generally pennies on the dollar. I will use this information to tighten up even more.
Diana Masuoka DC

What's Included with an MLRPortal Membership?

Online Education

The series of courses within the MLRPortal starts with everything you need to know about lien law, medical and legal economics, the missteps and fouls by the patient Attorneys in PI and how to reverse the bad lien payment results from too many PI Attorneys learning how to better manage the Attorney discussions and get properly compensated for the hard work by you and your staff.  You will learn more than even most PI Attorneys you deal with in the medical lien area.

Personal Injury Online Help, Forms, Tools & Resource Library

MLR has created forms, checklists, tools, emails and assembled all kinds of supporting materials for use when communicating and negotiating with attorneys and patients.  The MLRPortal is where MLR makes available all our videos, webinars, the MLRMonthly newsletters, MLRAlerts and a calendar with upcoming industry events and speaking engagements of Michael Coates. There is much to learn and explore. The search feature within the Resources Library Section makes it easy to find relevant information for most all aspects to help you Do Business Better in PI. You will have at your finger tips more knowledge and resources than do most PI Attorneys you deal with.

PI Ratings

Personal Injury Ratings


Coming Soon….A ratings and review platform for PI medical professionals to share their good and bad experiences with PI law firms and online Provider referral services.

This is a useful tool for providers to help each other, rating law firms by various categories critical to your business, including how much they pay, how fast you are paid, and more. With that knowledge, you are better armed to make better business decisions on which firms to perhaps be excited to receive patient referrals from, and others you might want to be more cautious before accepting those patient referrals.  The ratings will include flagging of those law firms who MLR has placed on MLR’s own “Look Out List”, from MLR’s own experience with these law firms

This is a chance for you, the medical community, to rate and review the people and businesses you have dealt with to help your peers, and in turn, your peers will be doing the same to help you.  Reviewer identities are confidential and not published.

“Wine with Mike” Q&A Forums

Soon Michael Coates will be hosting video calls monthly to answer questions in a video discussion format. Break out your favorite vintage (or beverage) and join Michael.

Topics will vary and be industry related.  This is a forum for all MLRPortal members. Guests will be invited to discuss topics important to providers and staff. 


10% Discounts on MLRO Services & Support Options

As a MLRPortal member, you are entitled to 10% off of the MLROutsource (MLRO) services. That’s where MLR does the negotiating with selected law firms for you. Sometimes, you will want to protect you and your staff, or you just prefer to offload the overhead and frustration of certain law firms to MLR and maximize your bill recovery at the same time.  Even if you don’t want to go the MLRO route, Michael Coates and the MLR team will be available to help, explain or guide on specific issues or to clarify any areas where some additional information might be helpful. “Ask the Expert” by email is an exclusive benefit for MLRPortal members.

One-on-one support is a new option where Michael will work with your office on a consultation basis to review processes, procedures, forms and to train the team to improve the PI segment of your practice. 

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